4 Sports You Should Try At Least Once


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Sports are not for everyone, and not everyone is athletic by nature. However, exercise is good for you and sports are not only a great way to get your body moving but they can also be a lot of fun! Watching sports is a huge hobby for many people, but you should consider trying them yourself as well. Here are 4 sports you should try at least once.


You may be one of the people who think golf is boring to watch and therefore must be a snooze fest to play, but it is actually relaxing and a lot of fun. A thinking man’s sport, golf is difficult and involves a lot of thought and planning and is proactive to be good at.

Though it is one of the more expensive sports, golf gear such as clubs can be rented or purchased second-hand, and you can also find courses that offer special deals during certain times of the day. It is also a big impact sport that you can play well into your retirement years and one of the only sports you can drink alcohol while playing! Try it sometime and you might be surprised to see how much you like it.


A bit more active than golf, tennis is actually a great workout. It is also easy to plan to play because you don’t need to gather a large group together to form teams. You can go out and play tennis at the spur of the moment, and all you need is one friend, a couple of rackets, and a couple of balls!

Many public parks feature tennis courts that you can use for free without even having to plan in advance. Just make sure to drink plenty of water because you will be doing a lot of running around!


There are bowling alleys everywhere, and this is another great sport for those who don’t consider themselves to necessarily be physically fit. Plus, it’s a great sport to play with your kids because people of all ages can do it. One of the best things about bowling is that it’s a blast even when you are terrible at it. An extra plus is that it is relatively inexpensive to play.


If you are looking for more of a high-impact workout, you should try playing basketball. It’s a great way to make new friends as you can just join a casual game at the gym or a public park, and it’s definitely one of the best sports to work up a sweat because it requires a lot of running around. The rules are simple, so you will learn how to play easily, and you may end up enjoying it so much that you want to make playing it a regular thing!

You don’t have to be an athlete to play sports as a hobby! Hopefully, you will try some of the ones on this list and end up really liking them.

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