Get your Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand and Amazing Island

Get your Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand and Amazing Island

15/02/2021 Off By Sheryl

Muay Thai is a type of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, now you might be wondering that if it is a type of martial arts then why it is not categorized as one? Well, Muay Thai training is not simple as any other type, it includes so many different techniques which also includes a few kickboxing techniques as well. People in Thailand starts their Muay Thai training at a camp from a very early age because this is the time when your body requires fitness for proper growth and strength. Muay Thai is not something that people only adopt to lose weight, but it is a part of Thai culture.

How Muay Thai Began? 

History of Muay Thai dates back to a few centuries, and since then so many techniques were kept on adding in it to enhance it. Right now there are two primary reasons for which people travel to Thailand, the first one is to make it a part of their lifestyle because Muay Thai is also a road to fitness and health. Whereas another reason is to become a sportsman. Muay Thai is an international Sport, and from many past years, people have been keenly participating in this brutal sport. If you are also trying to be a Muay Thai Fighter in International Competition, then you must remember that it is not something that will be done overnight. First of all, you need to start your training as early as possible, because it will take almost a few years before you can compete with any other expert at Training Camp.


When you should start your Muay Thai Training? 

Remember that it is a practice that will help you in honing your skills because without proper training at Muay Thai camp in Thailand and Phuket Island you will not be able to stand inside the ring for more than few seconds. Remember that Muay Thai is a brutal sport, and fighters inside the ring show no mercy. So, if you want to withstand all those heavy punches and kicks, then you need to ensure that you have strengthened your body and bones to that strength as well. Even though the Muay Thai competitions are held according to the classification, but you cannot judge any player on those classifications. So you need to be prepared on your end. All of these competitions are held inside a square ring. Similar to boxing, or Martial Arts this competition is also based on different rounds. Phuket Island have many Muay Thai camps . The sportsman can try at and it is at amazing Phuket island .

How this Competition is Conducted? 

In a Muay Thai Fight, there is a total of five rounds, and each round goes on for at least three minutes, and after that, there is a break for two minutes. So basically each round consists of five minutes, and the whole fight consists of twenty-five minutes. At the end of this competition, the winner is judged on the base of their performance during all those rounds, and also on the base that if they can withstand the fight the end of all those rounds. Every year different Muay Thai fights are held on National and International Level, in which different fighters from all around the world take place.