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Is it possible to be healthy and enjoy the experience? When people talk about preventing disease and living a healthy life, they often imagine depriving themselves from many types pleasure life has to offer, included fantastic food and chilling time in front of the TV. However, it is possible to live and enjoy your life while preventing chronic disease and achieving a better health by achieving a balance between health-promoting activities and pleasure. Moreover, you can improve your health and have fun at the same time, and that’s why sports are so popular in this regard.

Martial arts are a good example. They contribute to your health because they make you more active, but at the same time you’re having fun and learning an interesting technique. Thus, if you’ve never imagined a way to be healthy and have fun at the same time, maybe you don’t know much about Muay Thai.


Muay Thai is a discipline based on Thailand, which is the country that gave rise and popularity to this millennial technique. This martial art was formerly used by the Thai people as a training method exclusive to the military, until it was slowly replaced by modern warfare. However, it remained deeply carved in the hearts and minds of Thai people as their national sport, and ultimately became a worldwide trend for anyone who’s trying to achieve a fitness body or improve their health.

But why is Muay Thai considered a discipline that promotes health? It is because of the nature of this sport, which combines movements and techniques that include the body as a whole instead of one or two parts. Thus, every muscle group in your body will be engaged in every training session, and you will become evenly stronger and fitter.

Muay Thai at SuWit gym also combines many different types of training, including resistance training and aerobic training, both an important part of the learning system. As a part of your session, you will perform a series of bodyweight exercises that will improve your strength and muscle mass, and as you progress in your technique you will see how tiring it is to perform the movements and complete the strikes.

Thus, Muay Thai from is a great way to start if you want to look for an enjoyable way to recover your health. If you practice this discipline with your friends, you will definitely have a great time learning your kicks and strikes. But if you’re the only one among your friends who’s becoming interested in this type of sport, you will find a suitable companion in your training session at SuWit Muay Thai and make really good friends with the same mindset.

There are many ways to learn this discipline, and if you want to get a full grasp of Muay Thai, the origins of this martial art, and its roots, visit us in our training camps. Throughout Thailand you will find many different Muay Thai training camps especially thought to make this martial art fun and enjoyable to foreign people and locals, learn a millenary technique and become healthier and fit.

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